The Way Girls Picks Their Persons:

Intelligent girls can come across as picky but really,they just know what kind of person they deserve&re unwilling to settle for less.they want to datesomeone with a big heart&an even bigger brain.they’re attracted to people who value knowledge.they get turned off when someone sends texts littered with errors.Someone who will take a class with them.Someone who has a thirst for learning.they want someone they can have serious conversations with,someone they can talk to about the topics that everyone else shies away from morals,religion,politics.they want their person to stimulate their brain as much as their body.they also want someone who is a kid at heart.Someone will help them distress when they have too much on their plate.Someone who will remind them not to take life so seriously.Someone who will help them relax on their toughest days.

When intelligent girls are in the wrong relationship,it drains them.Because they’re perfectionists.&when something goes wrong,they try to fix it.Even if everyone else can clearly see it’s broken,irreparable.Intelligent girls may be book smart,but love can still make them foolish.they have fallen into toxic relationships before.they’re not immune to them.they have learned from their errors.that’s why intelligent girls are so selective when it comes to who they let into their heart.they don’t want to make the same mistake twice.they want to find someone who deserves their time,their heart, their brain.they are proud of how much they know but they aren’t snobs.they never try to one-up someone.they never try to show off. Intelligent girls understand that being smart&being perfect don’t go hand-in-hand.they still drink.they still stay out late.they still do dumb shit that they know they’ll regret in the morning.

Intelligent girls are just like anyone else except they have higher standards.they want what’s best for themselves,because they can see their own value.they might not be able to read your mind,but they can read your tone,they can read your body language.they can tell if u want them forever or only for a night &they’re not going to accept half-ass treatment.they’re looking for something real.Someone who is willing to put in effort to keep the relationship healthy.Anything less than that isn’t okay with them.Anything less than that isn’t worth settling for.

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