The Relationship Doesn’t Contain These 5 Things, It Won’t Last Forever.

As humans,we are not made to hate,we are made to love&feel loved.As social beings,we want to be around others,spread positivity & affection,but this becomes difficult once emotions,pain,&insecurities start to take over.I believe there are specific qualities that every relationship should have in order to thrive.

1.Kindness: Regardless of what relationship you are in,platonic or intimate,kindness should be the core of the relationship.Being malicious& spiteful is a very dangerous way to approach a relationship.It is possible to be angry at your spouse or your best friend,but express your anger through kindness.No one enjoys being hurt,so I think it’s important that every relationship should have the ability to spread kindness.

2. Communication:Whatever emotion you are feeling should be expressed.As humans,we do not know what is going on in someone else’s mind.Gestures,body language,& how we text are good indication that something may be wrong or right,but until we start talking&understanding one anode,we will never be able to have a successful relationship with the important people in our lives.

3.Patience:We have all been in a situation where our significant other friends,or family have made us very irritated.we can choose to stick around & work around each other or we could leave.If we decided to stay,we have to be patient when people’s bad habits become annoying.I detest people who lose their patience quickly,because to me,it shows that they are incapable of handling what the relationship is going to go through in the future.We have to be patient,we have to be levelheaded,&understand that we are all humans.

4. Respect:Respect is important because it shows that you are taken seriously.True respect means appreciating & thanking those who are in your life.It means being a positive person who spreads positivity,not narc-ism .

5.Forgiveness:the past is the past for a reason. There is no need to bring up previous fights or situations in a positive should only think about the future.the best thing to do is look ahead,& look toward the future.Again you should be wit someone who loves you & all of you.Someone who loves your good & bad traits.

Most importantly, you should be with someone who makes you happy100% of the time.

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